Monday, December 28, 2009

All moved in!

So I'm all moved into my first little place, one week tomorrow. Word of advice - if you work in retail, don't move house the week before Christmas!

So I broke a key rule that I learnt at design school, do your scaled drawings. When I placed all my furniture into the living space, it became very clear my furniture was too small and clearly I don't have enough seating. I'm so used to my old place that was so tiny, my furniture is now not in scale with the size of the room.

These are my temporary curtains in the background, such an interior statement - not so much. Undecided on what to put there though - curtains that are nice and soft or a nice clean simple rollerblind???

This table is clearly too small, it needs to be longer. But I love my piece of coral (Chrissy present my parents). This little tablescape is a work in progress.

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