Sunday, July 31, 2011

Travels to Sanya

While I was missing in blogger action, I had a little trip away to Sanya in China. As I'd never heard of Sanya before it wasn't as though I was taking a holiday, it was for work. Sanya is the southernmost city in China and is renowned for it's tropical climate (or as I experienced insanely hot and humid) and is a common tourist destination. It was an interesting place but there were some nice things to see whilst not lounging  by the pool sipping cocktails - ooops and working!!

The view from my balcony

Looking out to the beach amongst  the palm trees

 We spent a very hot day at the Nanshan Temple

Hot or not, it was beautiful

Eighteen Arhats - individuals who followed the Eightfold Path and attained the Four Stages of Enlightenment, and are also followers of Buddha. 
They have reached the stage of Nirvana and are free of worldly cravings.

Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya statue -  108m tall, the statue has three aspects (one facing inland while the other two faces the South China Sea. 
It represents blessing and protection by Guan Yin of China and the whole world.

Some colourful little gems in the market

We finished the trip off with a great Pirate themed party with great centre pieces such as this.

On the way home we stopped in Hong Kong for a couple of days, just for shopping no sightseeing required!!

Overall a great trip, with great people, in a location I've never been before and most likely will never go back to ...

images myfirstlittleplace

Lonny Catch up

So with my bloggy hiatus, I have not only missed out on reading my favourite blogs but also on all the addictive online interiors mags - trust me it was painful!! So I've started  to catch up and these spaces from Lonny have jumped out at me ...

images via lonny

Friday, July 29, 2011

My random things for a Friday ...

... that make me feel good

 When it comes to matters of the heart, being able to make a decision. 
A difficult decision that you need to tell someone but that is ultimately you know is 
the best thing for you ...

Having pancakes for lunch is my new thing ...

People who know you the best get you PJ's so you can stay in them all day ...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Room for today ...

... is this one. I keep looking at it an wondering why though! 

Firstly I love the height of the room and the window. The wall of portraits gives it a retro feel with furniture and accessories that compliment them prefectly.

What do you think?

image via wishyouwerehere

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 Today is my birthday! I wasn't going to share it here as it can seem a bit ... I don't know what! But I decided too as this is the first birthday ever that I am away from my family. Unfortunately plans haven't worked out and I couldn't go home or they couldn't come up. But it's ok, really. I will spend today at work, which is also unsual for me as with the work I do I usually take the day off on my birthday. So instead of staying home by my lonesome I'm off to work to spend time with my newly adopted family.

I never really enjoy my birthday, and this one being my 35th is a struggle. I'm finding myself asking the same question "is my life where I wanted it to be at 35?" The answer is no, but before I get all negative and such... life may not be what I thought it would be but it's still pretty great!

But to put an smile on my face today the phone line guy turned up this morning at 8am to FINALLY get my internet all connected and running perfectly! Now that's a good start to a birthday.

What do birthday's mean for you?

images via tiedwithabouw, ladolcevita

Beautiful Home - Minnie Mortimer

Simple, casual and colourful is the Malibu home of Fashion Designer Minnie Mortimer, her screenwriter husband Stephen Gaghan and their 2 year old daughter, Tuesday!

 The wall of pictures looks great and makes a string impact

 I love the 70's skater photo, looks great. Looking very Lords of Dogtown!

 Oooh love the colour of the walls and the furniture combination

 I'd say this is little Tuesday's room, love a tipee

images via vogue

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Blog to Love

Mmm, that makes you think doesn't it!
I have to share this amazing blog with you. It's not about interiors or fashion. But it is super stylish and very unique - all the things we love, right?
Plus it is by a gorgeous friend of mine.

There are a few different elements to this site :

> Collection Privee - fragrance reviews of the authors own fragrance collection
> Creation - the art of perfumery
> A Scented Blog - thoughts, comments, opinions and new releases

The handsome man behind the blog *wink*

Please visit and enjoy this exploration of the senses...


images via whatmenshouldsmelllike

Caravan Chic

I'm not a huge fan of lots of colour but I find this caravan renovation adorable and the perfect place to use colour. The owners of this caravan wanted a chic yet budget-friendly weekender for their family. What a great option when you want that weekend getaway space but don't want a big holiday house!

Amazing what you can do with a caravan and annexe isn't it?

images via house&garden

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Room for today

What a cosy space, love this rustic look. Spot the juju hat... love

image via honey&fizz

Thursday, July 21, 2011

For my friend

A very dear friend of mine received some very sad news today.

As she doesn't live near me, which I hate especially at times like these. I wanted to send you a big hug and letting you know I am thinking of you....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where I'd Like To Stay ... Hamptons

One thing I have been doing over the last month is starting to plan a USA trip. Granted we will be going next year but it hasn't stopped me from looking at hotels, because let's agree in our world the right hotel makes or breaks our trips right?

One stop we are thinking of is perhaps The Hamptons. As New York is the prime reason for the trip, I've always wanted to take a side trip to visit the Hamptons, just because! But I was surprised when I started looking at accomodation in the Hamptons, there aren't very many nice places on offer. 

I did come across this one place which I think looks nice. Simple and clean design, the Capri.

The style is St Tropez pool party, setting is Southhampton summer colony.

Have you been to the Hamptons or seen any good places to stay?

images via mrandmrssmith
I don't know where to start! I'm back in full force after being absent and popping in here and there. As we know I moved to Cairns and haven't been able to have internet connection since arriving! Why? I do not know why, it's crazy but I am determined to have access in whatever way possible as I have missed blogging so much. At a time when your life is going through so many changes particularly emotionally and mentally, I realised what blogging actually does for my soul, deep I know but it's true.

Forgive me if I post about things that are "old news" but I have missed out on so much. So today I will be visiting most of you and catching up on your blog happenings and reconnecting a bit.

Talk to you all soon xxx

image via lelove

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrity Home - Courtney Cox

I am dying over Courtney Cox house as featured in the lastest Elle Decor.
Love, love and love!

This is gorgeous, Hermes rug, velvet cushions, different tones of grey.....

The perfect kitchen with outdoor connection

PS. After 3 months.... I still DON'T have internet connection. Keep your fingers crossed for me that in the next week I will be back online!

all images via elle decor