Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Fashionable Wednesday - Helena Christensen

Oh how I've missed my Fashionable Wednesdays! To get myself back into the swing of it, I'm posting about someone who to me is one of THE Supermodels. No matter what she wears - boho chic, sleek red carpet or mum running around, Helena Christensen looks great.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Dining Inspiration

So what does a new home mean.... lots of new inspiration. It's a chance to shake things up a little and try some new pieces of furniture or colours or anything you like.

I'm starting with my dining room. Yes, I actually have a seperate dedicated space for dining! I know, it seems normal to most people but this is a first for me! But at the same time I think this means I will have to cook! And have people over to eat it! Oh dear help them!! Actually I'm concerned if they like the space more than the food!!

So yesterday I headed to Ikea for some last minute purchases as there's no Ikea in Cairns :(

I bought this :

To go with these :

All because of these inspirational spaces :

I would like there to be a touch a glam with a bit of monochrome mod.

And for the pop of colour I'm going Kelly Green, maybe in a print or some cushions....


images via 6th st design school, one hour

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cairns Sneak Peak

I have finally found an apartment and hopefully by this time next week I will be waiting for the removalists to arrive with my things and I can kiss goodbye the hotel!!

I love my new apartment. I'm thinking I will be very happy here during my time in Cairns.

It's in a really big complex, 5 pools in total, gym even a convenience store! I won't need to leave! Here's some pics of the place as they present on their website and how mine currently looks. Fortunately my apartment has quite a big storage cage in the car park so I'm wrapping up most of the furniture in the apartment to make room for mine. 

Living room is quite a good size. The furniture is fine, just not my style is it? 

Has a seperate dining area which is great. This will all be going into storage and I will replace with my white dining table and chairs and big black and white rug on the floor

Pretty standard bathroom, but I'm happy as I 'm very picky when it comes to bathrooms

This is just one of the pools, how luxurious right! Yes I can definitely see myself relaxing by the pool on my days off....

This is the floor plan for my place, just in reverse. It has a big balcony that has shutters so if I want I can close it in and I have another room!

Can't wait to show you all when I'm moved in and it's looking.... me!

Stylish Interior Snapshots

Another stylish interior snapshot, today it's the very talented jewellery designer, Samantha Wills. 

 If you are a lover of jewellery, you must check out her gorgeous pieces here.

 images via

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I love Warren and Margaux

Thanks to Trina at La La Lovely for sharing her find of The Kooples - Warren and Margaux! I am truly in love, with them both. They are, to me the epitomy of cool, chic and style not to mention being a gorgeous couple.

Have a look here, their images and videos are great..... transports me to another world - my fantasy life of living in Paris!

images via thekooples

Colourful day...

It's beautiful, sunny and warm here today which is making me think colour! It helps too that these spaces have a cosy, homely feel to  them - maybe that's something I'm craving after living in a hotel for 2 weeks!

images via canadian house & home, black & spiro

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stylish Interior Snapshots

Here's some images from fashion designer, Rachel Gilbert's home.

Simple yet perfect

Note to self - order your ghost chairs NOW!

Hello Hermes cushion

She designs some really lovely pieces you might like to check out here.

Sometimes just a snapshot of an interior is all we need, don't you think?

images via

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A space to love!

This den from the latest Lonny sure has jumped out at me this morning.

I seriously love everything about it, the lush sofa's with the ikat cushions. The built in's with the perfectly placed (and all important) TV. Gorgeous lucite table perfectly dressed and those stools at the end with the fur covers. One thing I would remove is the budda! Not into Budda's in a space anymore.

image via lonny

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nice Space

What a lovely space this is. 
First thing I love is the high ceiling. Even if the floor space is on a smaller side, if the ceiling is high it brings a very spacious feel to a room.

What strikes me is first the wall colour, very serene. But I love the juxtaposition of it along with the lucite table against the wooden coffee table and the strong leather arm chair. I really like the larger size of the cushions on the sofa, because really the sofa doesn't look overly comfortable but with those cushions, I'd happily snuggle up and watch a movie.

A great space for couple, touches both a male and a female to be happy.

Yep, I'd be happy to live here :)

images via domino