Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sixx Design

I haven't had much time to spend on the blogs this week as work has been crazy (and I mean that in the literal sense!)

But I was super excited on Friday when my new book arrived - Downtown Chic. In blogland recently I had been hearing alot about this new tv show 9 by Design. It's about Robert and Cortney Novogratz and to sum it up very quickly they are a couple who are self taught in the world of renovations and design in none other than New York, of course! They named their business Sixx Design because at the time they had 6 children (they now have 7) all with very non traditional names - Wolfgang, Bellamy, Tallulah, Breaker, Five, Holleder and Major.
I grew up with parents who were serial renovators, we moved maybe every couple of years and I don't know how my parents did it with us 3 kids, let alone 7! Some would say crazy, some would say impressive.

Their style is somewhat different to what I am normally drawn too but I am really loving it. I love their mix of modern materials with old flea market finds and use of colour. Their book has flooded me with insipration. Here's some images of their work.

You know what I found really interesting by reading this book? I swore when I was younger that when I was all grown up I would buy one house and live there forever because we were always moving. But now I am grown up and have that one place, I can't wait to get my second place to start a renovation and then another and so on. See education doesn't always come from university!

Thanks mum and dad for being my inspiration xx

{images sixx design}

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  1. The light fittings in the kitchen are absolutely fantastic - I'd love to get a closer look at those babies!


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