Monday, April 4, 2011

A Rental Success

As we know I'm making the move from own own little place into a rental. This sets me new challenges as what I can do is fairly limited, I don't have the freedom to paint the colours I want or change the fixtures and fittings. But today I came across this great home featured on Apartment Therapy this week.

Corina rents her house in LA and with her influence of old hollywood glamour and Kelly Wearstler, she has truly made this rental into her own abode.

 I'm truly inspired that I will be able to make my rental my home

images via apartment therapy


  1. Oh wow..just gorgeous! I know ..its very frustrating not being able to paint or change certain things around..especially when the carpet and walls look very tired...but its a great opportunity and challenge to really get creative and more resourceful with ideas on how to conceal those bits and pieces that look a little ghastly how Corina has used the floral screen to conceal the god awful 70's built in air :)

  2. fabulous images, thanks for sharing the AT link. I agree with Anna, there is a lot of inspiration to be taken from this home! I too am nervous about making a rental my home - after years of owning our own places, we are moving into a rental in a new city....I look forward to sharing your journey :)

  3. What a lovely apartment. I really like how despite being glamourous it still has a cosy, lived-in feel :)

  4. Ohhhhhhh my gosh - that looks so fab, I can't stop thinking about that nailhead trim lounge - the rest turned into a bit of a blur. XX Samie

  5. What a gorgeous place! I love how the place is just covered with chairs. And wow I didn't even notice that air con until Anna pointed it out - great way to cover that ugly thing that's for sure! Thanks for sharing...

  6. What a gorgeous home! I adore that chandelier in the bath. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  7. How exciting that you are moving into a new space. Be that a rental or own property, it's always fun to start over.
    Sometimes a land lord will allow some moderations of a space, as long as they are deemed to enhance the place long term.
    Hanging art is also one very impactful way to take ownership of a place. It immediately adds a personal touch and can transform any given room completely.
    Good luck and happy move!

    x Charlotta
    P.S. Am totally new here and yet I am babbling on as if we know each other.. Hope you don't mind..! :)


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