Sunday, April 22, 2012

Apartment Found!

I have found a place - such a relief I can't even tell you. 
I was starting to get quite worried about it just by looking and the price of these places. 
But I found my place, it was the first one I applied for and got (all whilst I was in Singapore)!! 

Here's a couple of sneak pics :

It's new and modern so I'll have to bring the character in
Nice clean sleek kitchen, yes I might start cooking
Bamboo floors
Open space that leads out onto a balcony
It's just on the edge of the CDB and a really nice area. Modern building, brand new really.
Strange thing for me is I have to catch a bus to work!! 
This sounds like the norm for many people but for me for the last 10 years or so I have been fortunate to drive to work and it was usually a 10 minute drive to work so jumping on a bus will be an adjustment!!

I still can't move in until the middle of next month. 
But that gives me a bit of time to get some inspiration of how I want my new apartment to look as it's a fairly blank canvas. 
As I am finding this move to Perth as a new chapter in my life and lots of new beginnings, I think my home should also reflect this.

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  1. Everything looks great and furnished here! I especially like the bamboo floors. It's so unique and shiny. BTW, have you moved to this apartment already? The balcony looks to be the deciding factor here. Cheers!


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