Monday, May 28, 2012

Kitchen Styling

So in my new apartment I have a good size kitchen. It's new and modern. I posted a pic here.
Naturally being a rental it's not my choice of kitchen but I'm very happy with it and
 determined to put my own stamp on it. 

So I've been flicking through images trying to get some inspiration of how to 
style the kitchen with the right accessories.

So I start with this one. 
I don't have open shelves in my kitchen but I do so love them. 
I love the overall feel of this kitchen and the use of pale colour's.

In this kitchen, if you take away all the accessories, you are left with a very plain white kitchen. 
The choice of accessories have completely defined the feel of it. 
Although it's a little bit too girly for me I like the softness of it.

Something I've never really given much thought about is art in the kitchen.
I have 2 hooks in the kitchen either side of the stove and don't know what to put there.
 In the two kitchens above, I like the choice of art, a little retro feeling and adding some colour.

Maybe a mirror ??



Or maybe something colourful like these two?

So what do you think? I'd love to hear any opinions you have.

images via bellamumma, ariannabelle, birchandlily, elledecor, casasugar, madebygirl, sketch42


  1. I love the one with the pink accents until I saw the the with the blue & the great artwork in the background! Ps I bought an Alma LV bag in black Epi leather - originally designed in 1954 - very Audrey, Grace Kelly style. I've had it for a month but felt too guilty to use it! Anyway it's now had an outing & I've gotton over the irresponsible spending!


  2. Love your inspiration Sarah; an all white kitchen with subway tiles is my idea of perfection! Can't wait to see how it all turns out xx

  3. Some gorgeous inspiration here...I agree with Melissah, the kitchen with the pink accents was the first one to stand out for me. Thanks!


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