Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Quit Sugar

So it's been a couple of weeks now since I started Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar and I have to say it hasn't been easy! That's just being completely honest. 

I eased into it the first week, cut the sugar out of my coffee, no chocolate, so soft drink, minimal fruit and started to become very aware of what I was eating (or rejecting) and becoming familiar with sugar content. And this was fine. 

Moved into the second week and I really got stuck into the 8-week program. 
It was ok at first and the it hit me like a ton of bricks - I felt like utter crap! 
And had no appetite at all. The thought of food make me feel nauseas. 
And I was craving fruit, not chocolate but fruit. 
So after a bit of a chat with my mum I identified that I hadn't really increased fat in the foods I ate 
as Sarah has suggested in her book and one of the girls at work getting me some Blueberries 
(they were the best blueberries ever)!! I relaxed on the program. 
I was also facing a family birthday that weekend (ah cake and delights) 
and then heading off to Melbourne for work. 
These two really simple things in life really threw me into a "I can't do it!". 
I was going to lose the control that I had so comfortably at home and with a normal work routine. 
However I did find that even though I had relaxed myself I was still conscious of the sugar in the foods and still made some appropriate choices - I was surprised at the good choices I easily made. 

So I have decided the 8 week program is intense, it's not impossible at all but going into this you have to be really ready for it. But I have decided I am continuing with how I have been going in the last week which is -
  • being conscious of the sugar content of the foods I look at and make good choices
  • Continue no sugar in my coffee, no soft drink or chocolate or lollies (remember these were my biggest weaknesses)
  • I will eat fruit but again choose the fruits that are lower in fructose
  • I will follow many recipes in Sarah cookbook (which can contain some fruits etc) but look really good
And you know what I'll be really happy with that, and also still feel better.

Apart from my day of feeling like crap, I think overall I have started to feel a lot better. 
And you know what, I used to hate drinking flat, plain water eeewwww .... 
but now, I cannot get enough of it! So strange but I'm thrilled!

An inspirational image for how good I am going to keep feeling!

So is anyone else giving up sugar? How are you going with it?

image via bellaMUMMA


  1. I was reading about that book in the paper this morning... I think I already eat fairly healthily, but looking into it, it's all those 'hidden sugars' you don't really think about. I don't know whether I could give up sugar completely though... I think your approach sounds sensible :)

  2. You can do it! Starting is the hardest part, after the first weeks it will get easier so you've already done the toughest bit!
    I quit sugar in my coffee about 6 months ago, for the last 2 weeks Iv swapped bread for crackers for lunch and getting stuck into the salads now the warmer weather is here.

  3. Hi - I like your blog - I found you through another blog....

    I haven't quit on sugar but I have been using the 2 day fast diet. Not a diet as such - you are still allowed to eat but you restrain eating as much for two days - i.e Monday and Wednesday. I am a mother of two and I didn't actually realise I was using this diet method until I read the latest Vogue Issue. With kids, I am quite busy so I don't always nourish my body - hence it explains how my body got so lean so quickly.

    Hard to avoid sugar but you will feel so much better for it. I did a similar diet years ago and remember when I went back to having it that I cringed!!!


  4. Hi Sarah,
    I bought Sarah's ebook last year and like you found it pretty intense. As someone who has tried many diets over 20 years mainly Weightwatchers I found it hard to eat full fat food! My body is so used to low fat food. I did finish the 8 week programme and it did open my eyes to the amount of hidden sugar in food. I now follow a low fat, low sugar diet which suits me and I limit certain foods such as bread and bananas. All the best Jo

  5. You are such a gem sending me the book combo! I went and got some ingredients this weekend and I'm going to make up some quinoa salad tonight for a few meals this week.

    If you haven't been to Kakulas Sister Grocer in Fremantle yet, definitely check it out. I picked up some new bircher cause my usual GF museli had too much sugar in it. also picked up some GF porridge too! can't wait to try.

    I'm trying to do the no fruit this week and day 1, I'm struggling!! I usually have 2 apples and a banana or 2 a day and trying to fill those snacks with water, green tea or raw balls.

    Will keep you in the loop! x

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I quit sugar last April and haven't looked back. At first it was hard, i was a sugar addict. I loved chocolate and lollies. At first i even gave up all fruit except for berries as they don't affect your blood sugar.

    I now don't crave sugar at all. And i still eat delicious food. I try to stay away from all packaged food. And if i eat something out of a packet the sugar content must be lower then 4g per 100g.

    Once you get the hang of it you will be better off.

    Good Luck

  7. Thanks Amanda, I highly recommend it even if you're not going to do the 8 Week sugar detox. Being already fairly healthy you should find this relatively easy I think x

    Thanks for the encouragement Michelle, I can do it! Good on you for also making some changes too x

    Hi Donna, welcome to MFLP! It's funny how conscious you do get when having a bit of sugar now *cringe* x

    Congratulations Jo on completing the 8 Week program and for finding changes that work for you x

    Oh thanks Sophia, you're tips are great and seem to be on the path I am headed down, yay! x

    Anya, I've messaged you already but thank you x

  8. Hi dear Sarah,
    I admire your discipline! My cousin gave me Sarah Wilson's book - I tried and failed after already 3 days:( ...but I'm not giving up. Well I have to, my doctor said. Now I'm giving the 21 Day Sugar Detox challenge a 'try'. In my opinion a lot easier than "I Quit Sugar". It's hard to explain, but I'm already in week 8 now and I'm kind of proud of myself :)

    I wish you all the best,


  9. Good luck. I haven't given up sugar but I did reduce it it to 1 teaspoon in my coffee which took a bit of getting use to. I accidentally put 2 teaspoons in recently and I really noticed it. Blaahhh. Lisa xo


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