Sunday, February 10, 2013

Celebrity Home - Reese Witherspoon

How sweet is Reese Witherspoon's weekend home in Ojai?

The home which was originally built as stables in 1923 for Edward Drummond Libbey 
(made his fortune in glassware) is situated on 7 acres of land that includes a swimming pool, 
a barn, horse paddock and guest cottages.









Reese with her nieces Draper and Abby James

I could definitely spend some down time here, what about you?

If you would like to read more, pop on over to Elle Decor.

all images via elledecor


  1. My favorite part is her little office nook under the stairway. Heard Robert Pattinson crashed here after the whole Kristen Stewart thing - now I can see why.

  2. After I read that Robert Pattinson crashed here, I got googling and what a gorgeous area it is!

    (Not a fan of Robert, just anything California related! haha)

  3. Thanks for the news of R.Pattinson, now you say it I do remember hearing something like this. It's the perfect hideaway for sure.

    Anya, I'm with you (surprisingly) not a Robert fan but am of Cali!

  4. Im actually quite surprised at how rustic and laid back her home is, shes definately kept with the period of the home and not tried to turn it into something its not.


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