Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Hair

OK, today isn't fashion as such it's more ... hair! Plus it's Thursday but anyway ...

I'm contemplating (actually I've pretty much made the decision) to cut my hair. 
My hair is longish, below the shoulder and since moving to Perth, it's just become really dry at the ends. 
Plus I'm just really bored with it, I've had this hairstyle for a really long time.
I need a change, as 2013 is the year for change!

And this is the style I am loving.







There has to be 2 really clear instructions when I get it cut ;

1. The length still has to be kept long, down to the top of shoulders
2. The front has to be that touch longer to the rest

I'm getting it done next week, wish me luck ...

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