Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh my Lonny ...

My packing got interrupted today, only briefly but the new Lonny magazine was calling  my name .... 
I couldn't help it so I had to have a good flip though.

Seeing some fab living rooms in this issue ...


Monday, March 12, 2012

San Francisco Rental

I've been trawling through Apartment Therapy lately getting some inspiration on decorating rentals. 
Even though I currently live in a rental which I have been happy with, in a week's time I will be 
on the look out for a new apartment to rent in a new city.
By looking on the net for rentals available in Perth, I'm not sure I am going to be able to find 
what I really want that is in my price range!

But this little apartment in Pacific Heights, San Fransisco has given me a bit of rental envy ...


Being a San Francisco apartment, it is full of beautiful details like the wainscoting and the adorable French doors. 
I dream of having internal french doors, there's something I have always loved about them.

Fortunately before the tenant moved in, the apartment had been repainted and what a
 perfect shade they used.


Both  the bathroom and kitchen are basic, but at least they are white, fresh and clean. 
Makes it all the easier to make your rental your home when your accessories work together with the fittings.

You can read more about it here if you like.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My week with Instagram ...

  1. My Sunday ritual, coffee in my favourite mug that a friend brought back from New York for me, while finally getting some time out for my bloggie catch up
  2. Came across this pink (yes pink) Balenciaga iPad case and put it immediately on my wishlist
  3. Went for a walk along the esplanade here in Cairns and it was beautiful, snapped a few shots while I was there
  4. Received a shout out for my blog The Orange Book from Louise over @ Table Tonic, thanks lovely
  5. My new addiction, Coconut Water. It has been sooooo hot here, this is a great way to keep hydrated as I struggle to drink flat water. Must drink with lots of ice though.
  6. Saw this film and feel compelled to share the message of Make Kony Famous 2012.
  7. Watched the new Louis Vuitton runway show for FW12. Such a contrast to the SS show. Great concept of a show that is deep with inspiration and heritage of travel and luggage. Can't wait to see these bags hit the store.
  8. Had my favourite regular Saturday lunch of pancakes at Dolce cafe here in Cairns
  9. Was told I was unpredictable, I kind of like that!!
Also three things I am really liking about instagram :
♥ It's making me live my life with more intention
♥ My mum has the chance to see what I've been up to through the week :)
♥ It's another great way to keep in touch with my friends who are also enjoying instagram

One thing I don't like about instagram :
> People asking, even begging others to follow them!
It's a freedom of choice isn't it, don't you follow who you like
and want to follow because you're interested in their pics .... 
but maybe that's just me!

images via myfirstlittleplace

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I want a teepee in my room ...

Well maybe not now but gosh when I was a kid, I would have loved this. 
This will be a must if when I have children.






But I do have to say as gorgeous and fun as these teepee's are, 
I have great memories of using just bedsheets and pillows to make a 
tent between my sister and my beds. 
That was just as good!

images via remodilista x2, thebooandtheboy, tabletonic, remodilista, babycinokids

Friday, March 9, 2012

Celebrity Home - Ione Skye

Ok so this isn't a new reveal and she doesn't live there anymore,
 but I still love actress Ione Skye's old house - mod style with a touch of rustic and all.



How cute is that little pup on the table





I kind of think this design of home would be great as a holiday house or something similar. 
Great colours, textures and shapes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday ... Room of the Week

♥  The velvet sofa
♥  The high ceiling
♥  Space
♥  Layer upon layer flooring
♥  Design of that coffee table
♥  Leaning art

image via thisisglamorous

Wednesday ... Room of the Week

 ♥  The huge textured light shade
♥  Faux fur throw and cushions
♥  Mirrored key table
♥  Neutral yet warm colour pallette
♥  Glamorous

image via thisisglamorous

Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebrity Home - Hilary Swank

What a dream to have a house in LA and an apartment in New York, Manhattan to be precise. 
Well that dream is true life for actress Hilary Swank. 

Not a large apartment but so beautifully designed. 
Great colour palette, sophisticated yet still warm.
Most of the furnishings for the apartment have come from Calvin Klein Home.








What do you think?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My week with Instagram ...

It's Sunday and time to review my week ...

  1. I finished my holiday to the Gold Coast with the very handsome Mr Harry Kewell standing next to me at the security check at the airport. So no, this isn't my own snap as I know I just would have embarrassed myself if I got my phone out to take a snap, he was just too close haha!
  2. After getting back to Cairns on Sunday night, I headed out again to Sydney on Monday morning. Good thing I like flying!
  3. Hit Sydney with some retail therapy at Westfield in the city (window shopping only of course) before starting work.
  4. Gift from work, yummy Aesop Jet Set travel kit. It's a great gift idea.
  5. One of my very good friends sent me this quote this week and I thought it was just priceless!
  6. Overcast and raining in Sydney this week but it was still a fab view across Manly from our restaurant, Manly Pavillion
  7. Back in Cairns and the packing has begun!
  8. Went to the movies and saw Moneyball - my quick review, good story, clever, interesting insight into the business of baseball, Brad Pitt is a bit cute, Jonah Hill has great delivery, they work well together.
  9. I finally started handing out my business cards for new "coming soon" business designed by the lovely Jen @ Made By Girl. Thanks Jen I love them x

images via myfirstlittleplace

Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebrity Kitchens

Ever wonder what celebrity kitchens look like?
Here's just a few ...

Actress Keri Russell
Actress Meg Ryan
Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi
Chef Giada DeLaurentiis
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne
Sting and Trudie Styler
Actor Hank Azaria
Actress Ellen Pompeo

However I would have to raise the question ... 
how many of these celebrities actually cook in these kitchens themselves??

Which one is your favourite?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here I go again ...

Noun 1. Gypsy - a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment. 

Ok so maybe not in the traditional sense but I am starting to feel a little bit like a Gypsy.

It was the same time last year I did a similar post - I was moving to Cairns for work.
Well this year I'm moving again, going way out west to Perth. 

Initially it wasn't an idea I was too fond of but after much thinking and many discussions, you start to understand the need to open yourself up to opportunities that come before you, both professionally and personally and just go with the flow of why they have come to you!

So it's farewell to the tropics. It's been fun but Perth holds a little bit more for me. 
The next 12 months will bring challenges at work, good ones of course but I also get to hang out with friends I haven't seen in ages, go shopping in some gorgeous shops (this is something I've really missed), not just for the shopping experience but inspiration. Oh and I get to have a winter - a true cold winter!


Beautiful Cottlesloe Beach
So I think that means I've lived almost all over Australia - Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast and now Perth .... mmm that leaves only Sydney, maybe that will be next? Or back to Melbourne again? Perhaps I'll just think about the next 12 months of my life in Perth which of course I plan to share with you here.

So the search is on for a new apartment.
One thing I've discovered about Perth is that it's quite an expensive city to live in, so it looks like it's a small apartment for me!

I'll keep you all posted.