Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jeff Lewis Los Feliz Gem

I've mentioned before I am a fan of Jeff Lewis. 
I don't think he is the most amazing interior designer but he puts together great homes and I admire his total attention to detail in the finishes of his projects.

That plus I find him quite entertaining! 

Here's a tour of one of his first projects, Los Feliz in true Jeff Lewis style. 
This 3,300 square feet Mediterranean home has 3 bedrooms, 3 and half bath was originally built in 1939. Even though one of his first projects, I think it still looks great today.

Needs more or different furnishing but what a great size for a master bedroom

LOVE this bathroom, perfection in my eyes

images via bungalux

Friday, April 26, 2013

Moving ... again!

Hey lovelies

Just a quick post to update you of somethings happening with me right now.
As the title of this post suggests I've moved ... again! 
What a whirlwind my life has been over the last couple of years. 
I moved from Gold Coast to Cairns to Perth and now back to the Gold Coast. 

There's a lot of reasons as to why I moved back to the GC and I won't bore you with them all.

To put it simply there comes a time where priorities change, 
your life needs change and you have to make different choices. 
Perth is such a beautiful city and I will miss it and it's people, a lot.

I love the journey I have been on, learnt a lot and met some amazing people and new lifelong friends. 

Sometimes people say you shouldn't go back, once you've moved on keep moving! 
I get that but I don't agree with it in a physical sense. 
And that's what I've done. I have come home, but my thoughts, outlook and feelings are different. 

I've been doing a lot of thinking and working on all this of late 
(that's why blog posts have been few and far between I'm sorry) 
but I look forward to sharing this with you all in the coming weeks
as my life has an adjustment, yet again.

I want to say a special thanks to all the Perth bloggers (they know who they are) 
who really connected with me via my blog more when I had arrived in Perth. 
I hope the distance doesn't end that friendship. 

Thanks everyone for just being your amazing selves! 
Have a great weekend 

images via inspacesbetween, pinterest, bellamumma

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Mandana


Following on from my last post of Rachel Zoe HQ our Fashionable Wednesday is Mandana.
Do you know Mandana? She's the Vice President of Rachel Zoe Inc and fair to say
Rachel Zoe's right hand woman!

Watching her through the latest series, I'm kind of liking her style ...

Totally loving her current hair do, bangs and this length totally work for her

What do you think, does she rate on the style radar for you?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rachel Zoe HQ

Have you been watching the latest series of Rachel Zoe?
Rachel divides her professional time being a super stylist and
designing her own line which is beautiful! 
And I admire that she is SO passionate about what she does and has achieved huge success with it.

Remember when she first started the series and she was working out of her 
fabulous yet small home studio. Well in this series they have stepped it up a notch or 
few to 15,000 square feet to the new Rachel Zoe HQ which houses 32 employees 
and 5 different divisions. 

A modern take on the office cubicle

See books on a desk are a must have!

It looks way more stylish on TV but I'd happily come here everyday for work!

images via bravo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Australia Fashion Week

Australia is really up there with the fashion stakes!
Want to know what I mean?
Let's have a look of a round up of some great looks
from Australian Fashion Week to show what I mean ...

All the ladies featured here look great but my highlights were of course 
my favourite ladies, Christine Centenera, Nicole Warne, 
Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson.

I'm sorry, but the Aussie's sure know how to rock out fashion! 

images via popsugar

Monday, April 15, 2013


I arrived back from Bangkok this weekend and what an experience it was!

I'm very lucky I travelled with work which is always a very nice experience, 
if I hadn't I don't know what my reaction to Bangkok would have been.

My personal opinion is Bangkok is not quite for me! 
The people where absolutely lovely, amazing service but the place itself - I'm not quite a fan. 
But in saying that, I'd like to share some of my highlights of my trip to Bangkok ...

We stayed at the Peninsula Hotel (above), which was just gorgeous. 
Half of our team where across the river at The Mandarin Oriental so over 2 days,
 we had to cross back and forth over the Chao Phraya River on the boats (below) 
between the 2 hotels.

Shortly after this photo was taken the heavens opened and it bucketed down. 
It was crazy rain!

The view from my room on the 32nd floor looking across the Chao Phraya River 
to the Bangkok skyline.

On the second evening, we were treated to a tour and dinner at The Siam Hotel
I apologise, my photo's do not do it justice, this place was ah-mazing! 
The hotel is owned by the Sukosol family, dubbed the musical hoteliers of Thailand. 
The son, Krissida is a singer and actor and the Creative Director of the hotels and is
responsible for this luxury urban resort in Bangkok.

This villa was stunning with it's own plunge pool. 
For only about $1,000 AUD a night you can stay here (totally worth it if you can I say). 
I fell in love with the bathrooms, seriously so cool!

Our dining room for dinner which was beautiful.

On the last evening we were treated to another beautiful dinner full of entertainment.

The food and dining presentation was so pretty.

I hate this photo of me (blurgh) but I fell in love with these puppets. 
They entertained us as our dinner finished. 
Each puppet handled by 3 people did a little dance and had great interaction with the audience. 

Sa-wat-dee Kah
(hello in Thai) 

... a word I heard very often as the people of Bangkok are so hospitable, so polite and just lovely. 

Have you been to Bangkok? What's been your experience there?

all images via myfirstlittleplace