Monday, February 27, 2012

Fur for the bedroom

I know it's crazy, I live in a hot and humid climate but I can't help but think about a fur throw for the bed. Maybe it's because it's so hot outside, I have the cold air conditioner blasting inside.
I love the look, the feel and the cosy aspect of them.
So chic....








I do love it but I think I'd need to be in a colder climate to have one on my bed!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


I was chatting with a friend yesterday about the world today of social media. 
Whether it's for personal or professional use, there are so many ways to keep in touch with people. 
And we are all connected to it in some form or another.

I definitely like to engage in a few different types of social media. So far, I have Facebook for my personal use (I don't have one for the blog yet), I write two blogs as a place to share what I love and inspires me plus to meet like minded people out there. I don't do twitter though, I just can't wrap  my head around it for some reason. But my latest obsession past time is Instagram.

I've had an Instagram account for sometime now and posted a few pics here and there privately but I was bored one night and started flicking through it again - hello the beginning of another love!

So many great images out there, it's like going to your own personal art gallery full of random photo's.

If you're interested follow me on Instagram, it's simply myfirstlittleplace.

Do you enjoy and/or use Instagram? 
Please tell me the name of your profile so I can follow along.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

It's a Boy ...

to our beautiful blogger friend Anna at Lona de Anna.

Baby boy, Noah has arrived.

How adorable is he?

See her beautiful "A Llittle Note to Noah" here

Congratulations to Anna, Mr White and big brother Jacq


More from Amber Lewis

Ok so I posted about the gorgeous home of Amber Lewis not long ago here
but I have come across more pics of her 1960's California ranch style home 
and I had to share because I just love!

Eye spy a Morrocan pouffe, such a great colour
Great mix of styles and patterns
I love the banquet and the fluffy seats

One of my obsessions - home styling with books


I'd very happily work here thanks!

It is eclectic and comfortable yet so stylish.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog Shout Outs

I love my followers, don't we all.
So honoured and humbled that people read and respond to my everyday ramblings
- I can't thank you all enough.

But one of the things I like most about blogging and readers is connecting with like minded people. 
And many of these like minded people have amazing blogs. 
I would love to list them all (and you can check them out by my followers link) 
but these are some of my new followers who's blogs I want to share with you today. 

Hopefully they will also provide you with much inspiration ...


Peaches and Candy is a blog from Sydney with really good content of interesting posts
along with gorgeous pics!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

A photographer wanting to branch off into Interior Styling, Julia writes the blog Pawley's Island Posh which includes some great DIY projects she has tackled, some great interior shots and a hint of fashion thrown in there too.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The owner of this lovely  blog is Kim Grey an American living in Adelaide
(my hometown if you didn't know!).
Lamb and Blonde is full of beautiful images that will provides endless inspiration.

I'll be going through more of my followers and people who leave comments and
will introduce you to some of them in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to everyone reading My First Little Place xox

* Please note none of these bloggers have approached me to ask to be profiled. 
I don't endorse anything or anyone unless I clearly declare it. 
I do it because I genuinely like what they have to offer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moroccan Pouffe

I've been thinking about getting a Morrocan Pouffe for my living area for quite sometime now, but something has always held me back. But I just don't know what it is!

They suit a wide variety of design styles and are so practical as little side tables or of course to put your feet up on as you sit with your laptop on your lap blogging away (right?)






For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now would know that my living space is white, yellow with touches of grey and silver. 
Louise at Table Tonic has every colour under the sun to choose from, 
so I have narrowed my choices down IF I go ahead and get one they would be ...

I didn't put the white as I already have a lot of white going on so I'm thinking of some contrast.

They're only $199, not a huge dent in the budget but still it has to be a carefully considered decision!

I would love to hear which colour you think I should go for or if you have another opinion in colour (or even style) I would definitely appreciate any and/or all of your feedback.

Thanks !

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A home in London

This 5 story home in London is designed by the firm Lawson Robb really caught my eye this week.

Whilst the living area has a sophisticated look to it, the modular sofa adds a comfortable feel to it.

I love this kitchen but I would remove the pots and pans above, I'm not a fan of that look.

This is, for me an ideal media room. Traditionally media rooms are dark just like movie cinemas.
But I like that this is light and as there are no windows, I'm sure once the lights are dimmed it would be 
nice and dark in there. I absolutely love the seating, now that is where I want to curl up and watch a movie.

The home comes with a bar and a bespoke wine cellar.

Just one of the bedrooms. It feels very show home to me but I love the masculine yet soft feel to it.

So glamorous.

 The entire lower level is dedicated to a wellness centre, a tranquil space including a jacuzzi, rain shower, 
lounge chairs, techno gym, steam room, sauna and a plunge pool! 

Perfect for sitting out on a summer's night with friends.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Room with a view ...

I dream of having a bedroom that has beautiful french doors
 that open to a balcony or a private little court yard.

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