Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Fashionable Wednesday - Elle MacPherson

Ever noticed how chic does Elle MacPherson looks doing the school run?







Monday, May 28, 2012

Kitchen Styling

So in my new apartment I have a good size kitchen. It's new and modern. I posted a pic here.
Naturally being a rental it's not my choice of kitchen but I'm very happy with it and
 determined to put my own stamp on it. 

So I've been flicking through images trying to get some inspiration of how to 
style the kitchen with the right accessories.

So I start with this one. 
I don't have open shelves in my kitchen but I do so love them. 
I love the overall feel of this kitchen and the use of pale colour's.

In this kitchen, if you take away all the accessories, you are left with a very plain white kitchen. 
The choice of accessories have completely defined the feel of it. 
Although it's a little bit too girly for me I like the softness of it.

Something I've never really given much thought about is art in the kitchen.
I have 2 hooks in the kitchen either side of the stove and don't know what to put there.
 In the two kitchens above, I like the choice of art, a little retro feeling and adding some colour.

Maybe a mirror ??



Or maybe something colourful like these two?

So what do you think? I'd love to hear any opinions you have.

images via bellamumma, ariannabelle, birchandlily, elledecor, casasugar, madebygirl, sketch42

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Perth Place - Zekka

So I've been I've been in Perth for 7 weeks now and am quickly discovering many places to eat and drink - coffee mainly, this town loves coffee!

One of my fav spots is Zekka located on King Street. The coffee is good as is the breakfast but it's the interior space and ambience that I love. 


You need to enter through the long hallway which has some interesting art installations.



I like the industrial feel but it's also actually very comfortable and cosy.

The service is also really good, nice and friendly for such a busy place.

Happy Mother's Day



love you both xx

Happy Mother's Day to all the other mums out there too, 
hope you're having a gorgeous day

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Missing my books ...







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Monday, May 7, 2012

My week with Instagram ...

Haven't shown you for a few weeks, but this is what I've been up to as seen through Instagram ...

1. Dinner and drinks at Rockpool
2. Another new favourite find for coffee - Zekka
3. Zekka has these really .... interesting installations that can come across as a little creepy but kind of cool at the same time!
4. Perth has these great things call the urban walkabout. It's a map of areas around Perth and highlights cool places to go and eat, see and shop.
5. Drinks (again) with my colleague and friend Lou at Cheeky Sparrow
6. Spotted these cushions this week on the Aria Facebook page - love them
7. Got all into Mercedes Fashion Week via Instagram this week and the hype of fashionista, Elin Kling being in Australia
8. Ok so I found pasties .... you see I'm orginally from Adelaide and grew up eating pasties. When I moved to Queensland I was devastated that Queenslanders don't have them! WHAT! But guess what, Perth does YAY!!
9. Good thing or bad thing, Sass and Bide are located opposite my work!! Love this shot of their dressing rooms, they are very cool.

images via myfirstlittleplace

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love this space today ...

I really am loving this space, really loving it ...

Ok, so what do I like about it I hear you ask? 
Well in no particular order I love ...

The tall windows opening out onto a balcony
I love the transom windows above to extend the height and allow in even more light
The window frames being painted out in the black contrasting against the crisp white walls
The sleek white kitchen
The rough wooden herringbone pattern floorboards
White dining table and chairs with banquet seating against the wall
The fire place discreetly positioned in the wall

image via casasugar

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Fashionable Wednesday - Elin Kling

I'm bringing back my Fashionable Wednesday posts here to My First Little Place. 

As mentioned on Monday it's Elin Kling week and here are just some
(there are way too many to post)
of my favourite looks Elin has been wearing.

Love these Isabel Marant jeans, with the shoes and top looks hot

Going for the classic Coachella look

Neutrals with killer heels

Combination of leather and floaty white done perfectly

Simply cool chic

Can't say how much I love this black shirt, fitted jeans, belt and black pumps

Love again, casual jeans, to die for heels with simple white tank and gorgeous jacket

Love this look for winter, skinny black jeans with black pumps and a big knit

Working the leather

Unfortunately I just don't have the time to write two blogs anymore  so I will stop writing my blog
The Orange Book.
I also find now with Instagram and Pinterest,
 I can fulfill my fashion love there and still here on MFLP. 
Thank you if you have been following The Orange Book, it has been fun.

Happy Birthday

 Happy Birthday 

today to my lovely friend 

Thank you for taking me out and show me around Perth as much as you have, 
you're just too sweet my friend.

Look forward to catching up for a birthday drinkies soon