Monday, January 28, 2013

Beautiful Malibu Home

Oh to live on the beach! 

Houses here in Australia just don't look the same on the beach as it does here in Malibu.

*sigh* a girl can dream! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Quit Sugar

So it's been a couple of weeks now since I started Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar and I have to say it hasn't been easy! That's just being completely honest. 

I eased into it the first week, cut the sugar out of my coffee, no chocolate, so soft drink, minimal fruit and started to become very aware of what I was eating (or rejecting) and becoming familiar with sugar content. And this was fine. 

Moved into the second week and I really got stuck into the 8-week program. 
It was ok at first and the it hit me like a ton of bricks - I felt like utter crap! 
And had no appetite at all. The thought of food make me feel nauseas. 
And I was craving fruit, not chocolate but fruit. 
So after a bit of a chat with my mum I identified that I hadn't really increased fat in the foods I ate 
as Sarah has suggested in her book and one of the girls at work getting me some Blueberries 
(they were the best blueberries ever)!! I relaxed on the program. 
I was also facing a family birthday that weekend (ah cake and delights) 
and then heading off to Melbourne for work. 
These two really simple things in life really threw me into a "I can't do it!". 
I was going to lose the control that I had so comfortably at home and with a normal work routine. 
However I did find that even though I had relaxed myself I was still conscious of the sugar in the foods and still made some appropriate choices - I was surprised at the good choices I easily made. 

So I have decided the 8 week program is intense, it's not impossible at all but going into this you have to be really ready for it. But I have decided I am continuing with how I have been going in the last week which is -
  • being conscious of the sugar content of the foods I look at and make good choices
  • Continue no sugar in my coffee, no soft drink or chocolate or lollies (remember these were my biggest weaknesses)
  • I will eat fruit but again choose the fruits that are lower in fructose
  • I will follow many recipes in Sarah cookbook (which can contain some fruits etc) but look really good
And you know what I'll be really happy with that, and also still feel better.

Apart from my day of feeling like crap, I think overall I have started to feel a lot better. 
And you know what, I used to hate drinking flat, plain water eeewwww .... 
but now, I cannot get enough of it! So strange but I'm thrilled!

An inspirational image for how good I am going to keep feeling!

So is anyone else giving up sugar? How are you going with it?

image via bellaMUMMA

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Summer pools

It's simple ~ it's summer ~ it's hot ~ I want to swim in a pool!





Happy swimming!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Golden Globes 2013

The first Fashionable Wednesday for the year and what a better way to start off with the Golden Globes.
It's in only 2 days since the Globes happened and it is a blogosphere darling so sorry if you are over it
but you know I love a good red carpet round up.

So here are my favourites for this year ...

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture
 This Dior gown was the perfect fit for Jennifer. 
Wasn't sure about the colour at first, but no I love it.

Jessica Alba in Oscar De La Renta
 Again not sure about the colour here but it does look lovely with Jessica's skin tone. 
She looks the epitome of Hollywood glamour - hair, make-up, accessories, all of it

Naomi Watts in Zac Posen
 Such a sexy dress that is all covered up, love it and Naomi too looks very old Hollywood glamour.

Miranda Kerr in Zuhair Murad

Nikki Reed in Jenny Kayne

Michele Dockery in Alexandre Vauthier
 So flattering with the white and the gold at the top, I love this

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors
She always looks lovely on the red carpet, and this is no different

Oivia Munn in Giorgio Armani
 Simple and fresh on Olivia

Ashley Madekwe in Girogio Armani
Oh Ashley, you never get it wrong

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford
 What a gorgeous choice for Julianne, it is all so well put together

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Saint Laurent
 Brave and interesting, but Rosie definitely pulls it off (she could anything really!)

Emily Deschanel in Badgley Mischka

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen
It's different and I like this shape on Kate

 Well what did you think, agree? No?
Which was your favourite of the night?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Space of the week

I just love this space and had to share ...

That sofa is divine!

image via thezhush

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Week Catch-Up

Apologies I've been M.I.A this week. 
I headed to Sydney for some work for my day job which was actually really good and quite inspiring.

It's also given me clarity of the year ahead from both a personal and professional persepctive.

I love Sydney, I really enjoy heading over for a few days. 
There's an energy about Sydney that you can't find anywhere else. 
I usually take the red eye flight over as it gives me a good full day in Sydney on the other end.
It's a good flight option from Perth IF you can grab a couple of hours of shut eye during your flight.

I arrived early and met up with a friend, fellow blogger and photographer, Clayton of What Men Should Smell Like to grab some breakfast at The Grounds of Alexandria (so yummy). 

There's also this great place there called Salt Meat Cheese, so very cool and the kind of retailing I like.


I had no idea there were this many varieties of salt!


We then moved on to have a gorgeous picnic at Elizabeth Bay Park. The weather was divine, the park perfect by the water and most importantly got to catch up yet relax with some great friends.



nap time

Look how clear and beautiful that sky is

I also finally got a  to chance visit Chinese-Cantonese restaurant, Mr Wong's. 
I loved the decor and ambience and the food was good, not great but it was good.


But just before I flew out to Sydney, I downloaded Sarah Wilson ebook "I Quit Sugar".
This is something I've been pondering for sometime now so I thought I'd have a read through.
And now have decided to give the 8 weeks to quit sugar a go.

Why do I want to do this?
A number of reasons really, one is I always feel tired - always and
I'm always thinking it is my diet and of course sugar.
I eat way too much sugar - and I'm not just saying that.
The foods I eat are full of sugar, and bad sugar at that.

Sarah describes her 8 Weeks to Quit Sugar in a way that really resonates with me -
it's an experiment, just give it a go just to see how you feel.
Whilst you may lose some weight along the way, it's not a diet.
I feel at this point in my life I really need to challenge myself to something and that is for me, not for anyone else or for work, just me. I am intrigued by the simple fact of about how I feel. 

So the first week or two is really about starting to be more aware of the sugar you're eating and start to make some better choices. So that's what I've done this past week and will do again this week. I've had no chocolate, no soft drinks, no sugar in my tea or coffee, no white bread and pastas and I'm researching.
My next shopping list includes quinoa, chia, lots of vegetables.
 (for the 8 weeks, I'm not eating any fruits as they contain fructose). 

I actually can't wait and am excited about trying something new for the year that is to help make me feel better. It's not a new year's resolution, it's an experiment that's all. At the end of the 8 weeks, detoxed of all sugar I will then be able to clearly know and assess what, if any sugar I bring back into my food choices.
 (I already know blueberries are back in, I love blueberries but they are one of the best fruits to eat). 

I'm in no way advertising Sarah's book but if you have an interest in eliminating sugar from your diet you really should check out her book.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has given this a try. I'll keep you posted.

images via myfirstlittleplace

Friday, January 4, 2013

How much money is too much?

Let me start by saying I don't mean to be judgemental and I love beautiful big homes
 but how far can you or should you go when buying property? 
There has to be a limit?
You only need so much right? 
And considering when the price of these properties below 
(as lovely as they are) could potentially feed thousands and save countries.

I'm talking about the Ecclestone girls Tamara and Petra. 
The 2 daughters of Formula 1 billionaire boss Bernie Ecclestone
 have both decided to put their properties on the market ......


Tamara in her Farrari 599 GTO
At 28 years of age, Tamara has listed her 7 bedroom Chelsea home for approx $32 million dollars.

Comes with it's own turning circle in the back courtyard


Master Bedroom encompasses the entire top level of the home

Love the concept of these sofas in a media room / theatre - I would never leave

Of course a state-of-the-art tanning bed in the gym



24 year old sister Petra is asking only $52 million for her Eaton Square, Belgravia 8 storey home.





Fully equipped gym including pilates equipment

Petra has also purchased the famous Spelling Manor in Los Angeles for a cool $85 million 
and now Tamara, to one up her little sis is looking at purchasing a 
Holmby Hills, Los Angeles home for $125 million!!

Sorry, but these girls have way too much money that they don't know what to do with!

I get that it's prime real estate in London, but ....

 What do you think? How much is too much?

images via thebusinessinsider