Monday, February 10, 2014

Goodbye My First Little Place

When I started to write this post I was thinking I'm saying goodbye to My First Little Place 
with a heavy heart ... but I'm not, really.

I'm not the most comfortable with changes as I am quite a sentimental person but I have decided 
as I'm now into 2014 and it is a new and exciting year for me with so many new things 
happening that it was time to finish up on My First Little Place. 

It has been 6 years since I started this blog and gosh it has been sooo much fun. 
Everyday I still can't believe you lovely people read what I have to say, it's crazy. 
And where do I start with the people I have met whether it physically or virtually.

But I am in need of change and change is always good. 

I have redesigned Our Little Place and developed a new lifestyle site. 
I will continue to write about interiors, fashion and travel - how can I not 
but I'm also spending a lot of time on wellness, health, fitness = life. 
As this is the direction of my life and the things in life that inspire me 
and allow me to live a more fulfilled life.

I'm going to be chatting with really interesting people from all different walks of life 
and hear what their stories are.
 I'm travelling - huge trip planned for this year that I would love to share with you all. 
And yes, you'll still be able to purchase the beautiful selection of coffee table books 
of the things we love from the book shop.

So I thank you all so much for being readers and followers of My First Little Place. 
It has done me so, so well and I've had an absolute blast.

I do hope you'll continue to follow my journey and jump on over to Our Little Place
plus follow on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

And if you would like to be a part of the new site, drop me a line at 
as I'm always looking for some really interesting people to contribute, guest post, interview etc ...

Thank you and farewell My First Little Place .... Hello Our Little Place ...