Our Little Place

After many years of dreaming of having my own business,
I have taken the leap and done it! 

I have combined my LOVE of beautiful books about interior design, fashion, travel
and lifestyle and started an online bookstore called Our Little Place.

It's called "our" Little Place because it's a place for me + you = our ... 
our place to become completely immersed in all the beautiful books we love.

Starting a business is scary, daunting all your insecurities come to the surface but at the
same time it is so much fun. I am getting to do what I love day after day and
with that meet even more like minded, creative and passionate people. 
It's truly amazing and rewarding. 

Each book title is carefully research and selected. 
They are books that really interest me, providing me endless inspiration and I feel will
interest my readers, followers and customers.
My goal is to source beautiful titles, some that may even be hard to find.
And that has also led me to provide a service to be a personal shopper for books.
 If it's that title that you are finding a challenge to get your hands on or your wanting to
build your own collection of books - big or small - I would love to help you with that
and go shopping with and for you.

To build this world with like minded people, I have also started a blog where we can talk about
not just the books themselves, but the people and stories behind these gorgeous books. 

I would love to see you all over at the store and providing me feedback on whatever you like, 
remember this is Our Little Place!

There's lots of ways to join me on this journey, so please pop by ...



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  1. So glad I found your blog and shall be following your journey. I'm a blogger as well from Sydney. All the best and cheers



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