Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My First Little Place style formula

Nicole at Sketch42 is posting about her style formula (which I love) and has put it out there for others to share their style formula. So I'm going to share with you what my style formula is!

I like a simple casual mix - white canvas with dark wood and good pieces of furniture - dining table and lights love! Not fussy and not over styled...

It has to have a little bit of feminine glam

But still keeping a place that has a masculine touch, comfortable for the boy - love a Hollywood Hills look

An understated mid century modern touch

Going a little more modern with a graphic element

I could go on forever but this is what stands out as my style formula!

images royalt, lonny, rue, douglas friedman, table tonic, casasugar


  1. Great formula! I just love the "masculine" pic with that leather chair and the guitar- stunning!

  2. love these choices, sounds like your style formula is absolutely gorgeous! such a fun little exercise nicole suggested.


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