Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Photo Heart

I can't believe I said I would do something and I actually did it!

This is my photo heart...

I chose the photo's with a lot of thought and there's still a couple I'm going to swap out, but it is either people who are really special to me or it has really captured a moment in time I loved and always want to remember.

It makes me feel youthful again too, you know when you were younger and you'd stick photo's all over your wall.

What do you think?

Now to finish dressing the rest of the room.

images myfirstlittleplace


  1. Holly Dolly you did it already? I'm so impressed! Don't you just love Chrissy hols :)

  2. How fun that will be to look at whenever you're in the room! It looks terrific.

  3. i did that once with my stationery......great job! :)))))) Have GREAT new year!

  4. I love yours! it came out wonderful! i did my own, they are black and white photos of my study abroad time, and I framed it! but yours is thicker and fuller which I am very jealous of!


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