Friday, May 6, 2011

Space envy

The highlight for me are the fab 2 chairs with the sheep skins on them and that rug makes me want to take my shoes of now , sit in one of the chairs and rest my feet on it, looks unbelieveably soft.

image via decorista


  1. Hey Sarah, what are your thoughts on shaggy rugs? Im on the hunt for a new rug and still love the look of them, but not sure they'll stay around for much longer. I cant help but find them utterly comfortable and inviting, but am over them to be honest.. what do you think? Im in two minds. this pic above makes me want to buy another. The room looks gorgeous!

  2. I totally agree! Love the throws over the chairs.

  3. Love the chairs also! But that rug is very tempting...

  4. The shaggy rug looks comfy enough to lay on a read a mag ... my kind of rug!


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