Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a lovely space...

I came across this little place somewhere and I think it is just lovely.
Looks so sweet and cosy. Would love to see what it looks like in daylight but it looks lovely in the lights of the night, don't you think?

images via casasugar


  1. Beautiful. A lovely little nook that I'd never want to leave!

  2. How absolutely gorgeous! Love everything about it! Just reminds me that space does not matter when it comes to style... x anastasia

  3. WOw I love it! Is this in Brisbane? You must get it!

  4. Such a great space! I love the exposed brick behind the bed. I have been wondering how you are going - have you finished all of the unpacking? & how does the black and white rug look? photos!! I am all good - thanks for asking ;) Starting a new job on monday - Excitment! XX Samie

  5. Love LOVE this :D so cozy and inviting- Loving that mirror too!


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