Thursday, September 15, 2011

Million Dollar Decorator - Mary McDonald

I have another favourite tv show that has just started here in Australia, Million Dollar Decorators! It features many of my favourite designers, I'm in heaven. We always get to see their spaces, but usually don't get to see them at work - now we do!

So I thought over the coming weeks, we can have a look at the designers featured in the show. Today is :

Mary McDonald

Based : Los Angeles
Studied : Parsons School of Design
Interesting : Started out as a milliner
Design Style : Old-fashioned elegance with a modern sensibility. Combination bold patterns, Chinoiserie and Indian influences with contemporary lines.

images via marymcdonald


  1. Great idea Sarah! Love that first room with the coral and navy, gorgeous :)
    Abbey x

  2. Aghhhh I really want foxtel I'm missing all these cool shows!

  3. ... oh, do you have something to look forward to, that show was THE best, full of drama and great decorating!!!! I am hoping for more seasons ;)


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