Sunday, March 11, 2012

My week with Instagram ...

  1. My Sunday ritual, coffee in my favourite mug that a friend brought back from New York for me, while finally getting some time out for my bloggie catch up
  2. Came across this pink (yes pink) Balenciaga iPad case and put it immediately on my wishlist
  3. Went for a walk along the esplanade here in Cairns and it was beautiful, snapped a few shots while I was there
  4. Received a shout out for my blog The Orange Book from Louise over @ Table Tonic, thanks lovely
  5. My new addiction, Coconut Water. It has been sooooo hot here, this is a great way to keep hydrated as I struggle to drink flat water. Must drink with lots of ice though.
  6. Saw this film and feel compelled to share the message of Make Kony Famous 2012.
  7. Watched the new Louis Vuitton runway show for FW12. Such a contrast to the SS show. Great concept of a show that is deep with inspiration and heritage of travel and luggage. Can't wait to see these bags hit the store.
  8. Had my favourite regular Saturday lunch of pancakes at Dolce cafe here in Cairns
  9. Was told I was unpredictable, I kind of like that!!
Also three things I am really liking about instagram :
♥ It's making me live my life with more intention
♥ My mum has the chance to see what I've been up to through the week :)
♥ It's another great way to keep in touch with my friends who are also enjoying instagram

One thing I don't like about instagram :
> People asking, even begging others to follow them!
It's a freedom of choice isn't it, don't you follow who you like
and want to follow because you're interested in their pics .... 
but maybe that's just me!

images via myfirstlittleplace

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