Monday, July 30, 2012

Apartment Update ...

I've been in my little apartment for a couple of months now and I forget that it's still early days. 
Last night I had my housewarming and introduced my new place to new friends. 
They all had really lovely things to say but I kept saying "it's no where near looking how I want it to be" 
and their response was stop making apologies for it! 
But you, my fellow interiors enthusiasts would understand what I'm saying correct?

It was a big step for me to open up my "unfinished" house at this point, 
so I decided to go ahead and post some updated pics of My First Little {Perth} Place for you.

The Living Area ... 




The Dining Area ...

 It's a shame the big electrical box is on the wall in the dining room (who does that?) 
but that's what you get with a rental!

The Bedroom ...

 The bedroom, though I want to keep it serene and in the lighter colours I really want to 
keep layering this room. Texture, warmth with a small pop of colour.
On the search for things for the wall .... I would love a Juju hat above the bed!

 This is my cheapie chest of drawers that I will be swapping out very soon next to my favourite chair. 
I'm looking for my inspiration for a cushion for the chair.


The Bathroom ...

Well how do you think it's coming along so far? 
Would love to hear any feedback, opinions or advice you may have :)

all images via myfirstlittleplace


  1. Aww, I think it's lovely! :) Maybe blow up some favorite photos really large in b&w for a graphic statement in the living room? I think your bedroom is the perfect place for little pops of color--a juju hat would be amazing! For an example of limited color pops done well in a bedroom check out

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing the progression :)

  2. Your place is gorgeous, so light and bright and welcoming. I love that striped rug where did you get it from? You've styled it all beautifully your friends are right - stop apologising it looks great :) We are always our own worse enemy I dont think we will ever think are homes are 'finished' but thats half the fun isnt it finding those extra things to make it a home x

  3. Sarah, your apartment is looking so lovely. Can't get enough of grey and yellow with just a touch of pink. Yes, you could add some more art or even photos but to be honest, your place would still like great anyway. Love your blog. Thanks for including these pics.
    Kate :)

  4. Oh Sarah that is looking FAB!!!! I love the Rug and pops of yellow and Pink. A cool abstract style artwork would look great, maybe you could DIY it? X Samie

  5. Love what you have done so far Sarah! Some bright + colourful artwork will make your space pop as will a feature rug for your dining area. Mirrors will also help give depth in the space - one would look great above your couch in the living room xx

  6. Everything looks outstanding! I love how you are so houseproud, I wish more people were like that and had nice taste.

    Maybe a single coffee table one day instead, and in your bedroom a print on the wall beside the bed. But that's just me being ultra fussy. I can see why your friends tolf you to stop it ;)

    Rachel in Melbourne

    PS> Oh maybe a pouffe! Bohemia UK have a special on pouffes that have slight imperfections, they are on my wishlist..I just have a white one so far.

  7. Looks amazing!! Perhaps you could frame a beautiful Hermes scarf for your bedroom (depending on budget of course). For another nice "pop" of colour you could buy some cushions from Blacklist Studio Prints (I've got the tropical skull cushion) or Langdon Ltd.

  8. You have the most amazing sink in your bathroom! Hard to imagine something that fancy comes in a rental. You would never see something like that state side! The place looks lovely. :)

  9. SO lovely. Inspired me to give my place a clean up!


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