Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where I Want to Stay ... Hawaii

I'm tired! So tired. 
All I feel like doing at the moment is to go away for a week to somewhere there is a beach!
A nice resort with beautiful pools where all I have to worry about is eating, sleeping and swimming. 

As I started to look into this, I came across this gorgeous hotel in Hawaii, 
The Modern Honolulu which sounds and looks like perfection to me.

You  know you're in Hawaii when you have a cluster of surfboards facing you as you check in

Beautiful white crisp and calm rooms that face the ocean

Of course you need a pop of Hawaiian colour in the room






Most of my  time would be spent here and ....

here ....

So where is it that you would like to take off to now to have a relaxing holiday?

all images via mrandmrssmith

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  1. Looks like a picture perfect place to relax to me. My perfect holiday is taking a cruise somewhere as once Im onboard I can relax and do as little or as much as I like. And they make the best cocktails!


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