Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday - Miranda Kerr

Just catching up what super stylish model, wife and mum Miranda Kerr has been wearing lately!

And I apologise to Miranda for supporting the pesky paparrazzi photogs who stalk you on the streets 
and at the airport but I just love seeing what you wear on a day out and about  : (








images via mirandakerrfashionstyle


  1. Hi Sarah, I love Miranda too - always looks great without trying too hard. Any ideas where that black studded leather jacket came from? Love it! ~Alison

  2. Hi Alison,
    Not sure about the studded leather jacket but the one she has on here I am fairly certain is Balenciaga. Very cool isn't it.


  3. Nice to see her wear a few pieces different ways. She definatelyt has something special about her.

  4. Miranda is ridiculously stylish, polished and absolutely gorgeous - all while jet setting across the globe with her super cute toddler in tow. How on earth does she manage to look so amazing all the time?? Beautiful pics Sarah - thanks 4 this inspirational post! Getting back to the diet tomorrow LOL. x


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