Friday, April 19, 2013

Rachel Zoe HQ

Have you been watching the latest series of Rachel Zoe?
Rachel divides her professional time being a super stylist and
designing her own line which is beautiful! 
And I admire that she is SO passionate about what she does and has achieved huge success with it.

Remember when she first started the series and she was working out of her 
fabulous yet small home studio. Well in this series they have stepped it up a notch or 
few to 15,000 square feet to the new Rachel Zoe HQ which houses 32 employees 
and 5 different divisions. 

A modern take on the office cubicle

See books on a desk are a must have!

It looks way more stylish on TV but I'd happily come here everyday for work!

images via bravo


  1. Love her HQ but you're right - it does seem more glam on TV.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  2. I LOVE Her show on Foxtel, I watch it every Thurs (whenever I remember it's on). I absolutely love her house even more than her office! She is one SUPER stylish woman hey!
    Jess x


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