Sunday, April 7, 2013

Workspace Tour - Interior Design Studio

Finishing the weekend off with a tour of a sweet home garage converted Interior Designer's studio.


I like this space, it has been really well set up with different areas to work within a square space.
The 2 corner desks look nice and spacious, a separate drafting table, wall of bookshelves 
and a centre table for more collaborative work and meetings.







Does this inspire you to head back to work tomorrow?

I'll be missing this week as I have to head to Bangkok for work so 
I'll see you all the following week.


images via apartmenttherapy


  1. If I had a space like this to work from I think I could be so much more creative than I am right now! Surrounding yourself with pretty things definately inspires you.
    Have a safe trip x

  2. I LOVE this, what a wonderfully inspiring, colourful and roomy workspace.

    Sarah, thank you so so much for your email, I've been away a couple of days this week but will respond ASAP. I was thrilled to hear from you, such connections are absolutely the best part of blogging and I loved what you had to say....thank you XX

  3. you have such a fabulous eye - i love this! You asked to see more of my work space after i posted a pic on instagram after the 'fur muffin' taking over my desk.... unfortunately it isn't worthy - not glamourous at all. I am careful of the angle and the filters i use to make the space look somewhat ok! he he. Save travels x


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