Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Fashionable Wednesday / Thursday - They All Hate Us

Meh, I'm a day late sorry! But Hallelujah ... they have done it! 

Have you heard of Elle and Tash o They All Hate Us? Highly likely you all have.
My friend introduced me to their amazing blog a couple of years ago now and I have been
 following them daily to fill my fashion needs.

They're two best friends who started their blog together to share gorgeous images and
it has grown and grown and now these ladies are two serious fashions icons. 
They have developed their own amazing style that they both absolutely rock.  
And now they have opened their online store. 
Each month they select 10 items that they personally love and wear and 
you can have the option to buy them online.

Ok, so do we get the picture that I am slightly obsessed inspired? Well I know I'm not alone ... 










See, told you they rock!!

Check out their picks on their new online store here at They All Hate Us

all images via theyallhateus

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  1. I'm in loveeeeee with everything the blonde one wears in the pics above! Now that's my sorta style! x


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