Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bar Cart

I have long wanted a bar cart. 
I'm not really a big drinker, it would be more purely for aesthetic
purposes of course!

I'm starting to get some inspiration for it so when I get my new place - 
no I still haven't found an apartment here on the Gold Coast - 
but when I do, I'll be ready to set up my own little drinks nook! 







The Glitter Guide has this great list of the bar cart essentials that
 I will definitely keep with me when I go shopping for my bar cart! 

So cute, I can't wait for this little project!


  1. I love love love bar carts! I could blog about them and pin them for ever and for me also it would be purely aesthetic - right now mine is housing vintage tea cups a lamp and fresh flowers!


    1. Oh I love that idea Natasha, vintage tea cups and fresh flowers sounds so, so sweet x

  2. Im a sucker for a good bar cart too and always check out the op shops to see if they have anything like it in store. Even if you dont drink much I think they would be handy to store cordial in cool bottles and glasses etc.
    Hope the move to QLD went ok x

    1. Do you ever come across anything decent in the op shops Michelle? And cute idea, who says it has to store alcohol really??
      The move back is ok, facing a few challenges but hopefully all back to normal soon xx

  3. oh yay! i love a bar cart (and unfortunately I do like to drink alot...) - can't wait to see what you find, finding a bar cart in Australia is a NIGHTMARE. Ada and Darcy carry the society social ones but pretty expensive. I've seen a couple on ebay but always too short....
    and what's this - back on the other side of the country? can't keep up with you bella!
    Hope you are well x

    1. Really?? about finding the bar cart, not your drinking hehe! I am surprised it's that hard but I guess so ... can't wait to start the search and I'll keep you posted.
      And yes, I am back in QLD - I can't keep up with myself!!! xx

  4. Oh I love the idea of a bar cart! Good place to keep all your fancy champagne flukes and pretty glasses ;)

    1. I'm on the hunt for some gorgeous champagne glasses like they used in the 50's and 60's xx


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