Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A day in Sydney

One of the reasons I wanted to move back over East to Queensland is so I was closer to my friends in Melbourne and Sydney and that hopping on a plane for a day in Sydney is a total possibility. That's exactly what I did on Sunday. A Melbourne friend of mine is in Sydney for a couple of weeks so I thought what a great chance to pop down and catch up with her and some Sydney friends. I love only being an hour plane ride away!

We started our day with a morning brunch at The Grounds of Alexandria. I've posted about it before here but it has changed a little since I was last here at the beginning of the year. The market stalls have grown as has the number of people there. You can get anything you want here - fruit, vegetables, meat, pastries, flowers. You can sit inside and have an amazing meal or grab a take away and sit outside in gorgeous surroundings.








After our morning at The Grounds we headed out to soak up some more sunshine at the beautiful Watsons Bay. So, so nice to spend a Sunday afternoon relaxing here ...



We finished our day with dinner at The Fish Shop in Potts Point (sorry no pics). I love the classic fish and chips but there's lots of yummy dishes to choose from and it's a great little spot.

Thanks to my girls for a great trip, it was so worth it. Can't wait to do it again soon xx

all images via myfirstlittleplace


  1. Sounds like it was a perfect day trip. Thats the trouble with Perth isnt it, its so far away from the rest of Oz!

    1. Sadly Michelle it is a tad far away in Perth, although when I was living there I did do a one night trip Perth to Sydney ... and it nearly killed me, took a week to get over it lol xx

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh, exactly the reason why I wanna be based over east, being closer to all my friends in Sydney/QLD and Melb!

    The weather really turned on for you! x


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