Friday, August 23, 2013

Bryk House

I'm really enjoyed watching Bryk House on the Home channel. Have you seen it?

Bryk House is a show that features a family (the Bryks!!) and their process of renovating their 
Toronto home. The job as mainly done by the lady of the house, Danielle. Her husband Greg is an
actor  (and often is away) so much of the work, including the manual labour was left to Danielle.
She did a really great job on her home and has now launched her own design business.

The show really appealed to me because I like Danielle's design aesthetic. It's not everyone's taste 
but it really appeals to me. I like her use of whites and greys, dark floors, some industrial elements 
and wooden pieces for warmth and texture.


Cosy family room with lots of seating and coffee tables that are easy to move.


Beautifully finished crisp white painted woodwork against dark floors sets the tone of the 
home upon entry.


Daughter Ella sitting at the old farm house dining table complimented by modern chairs 
and great art.



The open shelving in the family kitchen are actually beams that were salvaged during the renovation. 
A great reuse of materials and a great way to cut costs.



The master bedroom has a really neutral palette that is calm and cosy. 
Beautiful features are the plush bedding and marbled fireplace.

An extra room in the home was converted into a modern ensuite. 
Again to save some costs, Danielle had the original clawfoot tub restored.

The Bryk Family - Greg and Danielle with Dempsey, Billy and Ella with boxer Lucky

Next week I'll post a little about her other show, A Bryk At A Time and show some 
of the work she has done for her clients.

all images via houseandhome, hgtv


  1. I love these guys!
    Iv been watching A Bryk At A Time and its quite humbling to see her start from the beginning of getting clients like her sister and neighbors and then the work that she does for them. Makes me want to follow my dreams and do something similar although theres always that niggling doubt that makes me think Im not good enough :( But this show proves that everyone has to start somewhere :)

    1. I totally agree with you, she's totally finding her way through it all and it's refreshing to see. And the homes don't look too "show house" at all.
      And Michelle you can absolutely do it, follow your dreams. Life is too short not too lovely xx


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