Sunday, December 15, 2013

Busy week that was ...

So much has happened over the last week so I thought I'd do a little catch up for you all.

This time last week we were celebrating Christmas with our work party. 
Fun night with fun, slightly crazy people.

It wasn't a costume party but decided to dress up

I found a new place to live - again! A place of my own. 
Can you keep up with how many times I move? I can't. I'll tell you more about that next week.
(yes I'm moving 4 days before Christmas, crazy!)

I had a celebrity moment.
I don't actually get star struck very often but I completely did this week when
 I had an encounter with KATE HUDSON! I kid you not. 

I got to chat to her for all of 5 minutes but whoah, best 5 minutes. 
She was super sweet and looked gorgeous with no make-up on, hair tied up, t-shirt and shorts - beautiful.
I was totally cool, didn't do any gushy celeb thing. Out of all celebs I've met, this is my highlight! 

I also celebrated 10 years with my company. 
It was 10 years ago that I started a journey that I never dreamed would have taken me on 
the adventures it has, enabled me to travel across the globe, 
allowed the most amazing friends a girl could ask for come into my life. 
There have also been many challenges that have really helped me grow as a person. I am blessed.


Naturally following from that, I need a holiday!! 
So I've booked in my long service leave for 3 months and will be heading overseas. 
Some of you may remember I was going overseas last year and it didn't happen? 
Well 2014 Paris, Munich, Rome and New York here I come. Let the planning begin ...

Christmas is here and each year Movieworld holds "White Christmas". 
It was really pretty, lots of lights, fake snow, Christmas music, a parade with Santa. 
Very sweet little thing to do.

And I finished my week off by heading down to one of my favourite spots on the Gold Coast - Burleigh.
We headed down for Breakfast at Canteen Kitchen (the best breakfast) 
and then over to The Village Markets for a bit of shopping.
Such a great way to start the morning. 

My two purchases, dress from Lilac Skin and Kimono from Wanderer

Such a great week. 

Here's to another one, hope you all have a great one 

all images via myfirstlittleplace


  1. Now that Im finally on Instagram I think I have seen these photos and now know the story behind them! OMG you met Kate Hudson that is awesome. Congrats again on the 10 year mark, you have worked and hard and deserve those 3 months off. Enjoy :)

  2. WOAH!!! Where'd you meet Kate? I would of just stood there & stared! haha x

  3. Sarah, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and may all your wishes for 2014 come true!
    Melissah from Coastal Style & Scrapbook


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