Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beautiful Home - The House That A.M Built

Whilst my new little place renovations have come to a bit of a halt temporarily, I need to keep myself inspired and am so glad there are many a design blog to do just that!

Sometime back I came accross this great blog The House That A.M Built.
It's the journey of this beautiful home and it's creator! A.M has renovated this home in Brisbane and I find it truly inspirational and they have done one amazing job! Not only does it look beautiful and all the details have been attended too, it also appears to have a real cosy, family friendly feel to it. What more could you want out of a home! I hope you enjoy these images and thanks to A.M for letting me share x

Love the colours used on the outside and the style of the front facade

I LOVE this kitchen, the style, colours, how it's dressed. This is definitely a kitchen I would love to have everyone gather in

When people think of design usually the laundry is last thought. For some reason I have a fascination with laundries! Not sure why as I'm not heavily domesticated but it's such a great place to design and I really like the one here. I can't wait to do my tiny laundry space

The great room. Beautiful cabinetry, gorgeous fire place.....

The Study. What's there not to love in this space.......

I hope one day when I have children I can give them a playroom like this one. It looks great and is so important for kids to have another space for themselves that isn't their bedroom

Corner sitting nook in master bedroom, gorgeous cushion

One of the boy's rooms

You can't live in Queensland anad not have a swimming pool and a great seating area next to it. What I really like about this area is not only the Adirondack chairs but the mirrors on the back wall.

all images via The House That AM Built

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