Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kitchen Refresher : Painted

Following on from my new handles post, yesterday the 2nd step of the kitchen refresh was done - painting of the tiles and sealed edges. I also did a very big scrub of the stove top. It was blurgh and can you believe a nurse used to rent my house!! Now it' s clean, amazing what bi-carb soda and vinegar can get off!

Here's a reminder of the before kitchen

Eeewww the old tiles.....

And the now kitchen
It's not styled as I would usually have my kitchen but it's the for now

Don't mind the old oven, it's not going to be used no matter how much elbow grease I use!

Hopefully early next week the new sink and tap will be in - now that's exciting ;)


  1. What a difference!! It's looking fantastic, well on the way to superb! One question though, where'd Alma go?!

  2. I can replace if you like :)

    Thanks, it's not too bad until I can get the new one in. Windows being looked after this week too!


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