Friday, February 19, 2010

Space for baby

Everyone I know seems to be having a baby! Well kind of - one friend gave birth to her beautiful baby girl very recently, another a few months ago a gorgeous boy who joined his two big sisters and 2 more friends and colleagues are due very soon. Plus a couple of my other friends have had babies in the last year. I'm surrounded which I love because I think it is the most exciting thing to have a baby (even though I don't know that feeling first hand!)

So to pay tribute to all the beautiful yummy mummies I know (even the soon to be) I went through and found my fav baby rooms. I know, I don't have a child why would I like babies rooms but I just do.

{image Bree Oliver}
I start with my favourite which is from Bree Oliver. She is about to have her baby and posted on her blog over at A Paddington Perspective her new bubs room. I absolutley love it and if I were to be having a baby, this would be my inspiration. Love the stripes and the colour scheme.

{image Design Inc}

{image pink Wallpaper}

{image Domino}This is the nursery of Jenna Lyons (Creative Director J.Crew) baby boy Beckett. What I love about this and the nursery below is the non traditional sense of a babies room - no frou frou. I love the modern aesthetic, even the use of black.
{image unknown sorry}


  1. Hey! I arrived from a Peddington Perspektive and love your blog! Just keep on posting the work on your own house!

    Kindest regards from Germany, love A.

  2. Thanks Alexandra, so kind of you.

    I am getting back on track so keep out for more posts on my own place.

    Cheers Sarah


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