Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Designer Love

One of my favourite interior designers is Sarah Richardson. Sarah has a really beautiful signature style and uses fabric combinations like I haven't seen anywhere else.

Sarah is one successful lady! She has her own interior design firm in Canada Design Inc (which has it's own TV show), a number of other TV shows (Room Service, Sarah's House, Sarah's Cottage), her own furniture line, new paint line and if that's not enough she is a wife and mum to 2 little girls, phew!

This is one of my favourites, could it be the yellow.....maybe!! I like how she put this little den together and I love the light fixture and that coffee table

This is the meeting room at the new Design Inc offices. I love the cabinet against the wallpapered wall. One thing Sarah does brilliantly is salvage second hand furniture and have them refinished just like this cabinet.

Sarah doesn't like to do girly girly pink bedrooms, so for this girls bedroom she did use some pink but I love how she has incorporated it. So cute.

So much to love about this living room, let's just say everything!

This is a gorgeous entrance and stairwell.

I would die for this bathroom, how elegant with a touch of glam

images sarah rcihardson, design inc

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  1. Gorgeous! I was always wondering why her show is better than everything else on HGTV!


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