Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh what to do??

I have started my days off sick! I want to rip my tonsils out, they are so swollen I can barely swallow and my glands are popping out of my neck! I'm such a grump when sick.

I've also had a really messed up week, yet again involving police (not caused by me!!) but with the job I have, surprisingly we occassionally have the police pay us a visit (along with psyhco customers!).

And I was also given an offer from my company to relocate! And I have no idea if this is something I want to take or not.

Have you had to make a big decision and just can't decide? Do I take the move and continue on the path I am on and doing what I am doing OR do I be a bit more patient and follow my heart and do something I really want to be doing? I just have no idea. I always think if an opportunity comes knocking you should take it as you never know what will come from it but when you break it down to the actual reality of doing it, I become confused!!

These three issues of my week have caused much stress and very little sleep.....

Anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it!

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