Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bedroom HELP......

Ok all my friends and design savvy bloggers, I need lamps for my bedroom and whilst I have my thoughts about which one I am leaning towards I would love to know your thoughts, PLEASE!

Firstly here's a sneak peak into my bedroom is it's raw, unstyled manner. The lamp I have currently is an old Ikea lamp that performs it's literal purpose (light) and has no aethestic purpose.

I love my bed cover and pillows but they are as girly or "soft" as I want to go. And the butler's tables will stay as my side tables. The cushion I am getting for my bed is this one...

Table Tonic

Now for the lamps, what do you think and be honest..

1. Decor Lighting

2. Freedom

3. MRD

4. MRD

5. Decor Lighting

Well, what do you think?
If you have any other suggestions let me know or email me a pic.

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback xx


  1. I'd rule out the first and second one. I do like the second one from Freedom, but it's lacking for me for your room.

    My choice is out of 3,4 and 5, but I need to deliberate more. At this stage no. 5 is my choice, but I'm a fickle girl. I'll see if I can find any others that may suit.

    BTW, love the cushion choice and the little bamboo canister on your side table is gorgeous.

    Sandy K

  2. I like #3. I think the chrome metal would really be a nice accent to the clean white and ikat pillows, they are modern, yet bring a nice edge to the room. Then you can bring in other softer elements to balance the hard chrome edges. Can't wait to see the outcome!

  3. I think #3 would be perfect,

  4. I have to agree with 3, 4 & 5, i want that ikat pillow too! x

  5. I love number 2 and number 5 but I agree, the glass might not give the room ooomph so it's number 5 for me! x

  6. I think that you need some height in there, so perhaps the tallest ones.

  7. Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog about the kelly green umbrella stand (that I use as a wastebasket...it was from Homegoods.)Also, loving your room...have you considered a lamp with color or a geometric design to add another dimension to the room? Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I like them all but I think the clear one would work best with the style of nightstand.

    Something over the bed or over your nightstands in terms of art would help balance too.

  9. Hmmmm.... I dont love the finish of number one.

    I like numbers 2,3 and 4....
    3, I might not want to do an x base lamp on an x base table. and with 4 the patina might be a little too much.

    So I say 2 and switch out the lampshades for something that will pop.

  10. Sketch42 has my sentiments exactly.. Originally 2 & 3 were my faves because I think you want to go less soft, but the x base lamp on the x base table will possibly be all too much. I know it's not on here as an option but maybe a silver round base? The glass might get lost but the shape would be perfect..

  11. Hi Sarah...thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment..really appreciate it. How exciting for you to have your first home to deck out...I would certainly be in my element but alas have yet to experience that.
    In response to this post I love all the choices of lamps you have listed...but I would say definitely go No 2...Initially I would have said go the silver base lamps No 3 & 5 to add another different element to the room and a little opulence to compliment your headboard...but you have the silver canister already placed on your tray table which is silver and so the glass based lamp would then be perfect in adding yet another different texture to the room.

    I think your tray table would look awesome in black...(yikes I know .big call...but I think it would really work in this space )to add a bit of masculinity to the room without being overpowering. The cushions from table tonic are awesome...I have a similar colour scheme going on in my bedroom at the moment and they grey teams up wonderfully with small pops of orange or yellow.
    Look forward to seeing this bedroom design unfold... Anna :)x


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