Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome, come on in...

I love an entrance way to the home. Some people are fortunate to have beautiful big entrances with wide, long hallways and some you just open the door and ta da, you're straight into the living room {like moi}. Your entrance is really an important part of the home as it sets the ambience of your environment.

Really liking the huge front door

Yummy white floors for Johnathon Adler

Little bit more gorgeously rustic! Beautiful brick floor and just needs a horse to pop it's head through the top half of the front door.

More modern and clean but still welcoming

PS I haven't forgotten about my bedrooms lamps, they are ordered I'm just waiting!!

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  1. The first entry foyer is my fave...i love all the white walls and the black lamp shade..very inspiring! :)))))))))

  2. Hi Sarah! Gorgeous images! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments! I look forward to seeing some of your renovations! Take care... S x

  3. What a gorgeous blog! :) I have always wanted a lovely entrance hall and these are beyond anything I dreamed of! Wow. Great post! City Girl x

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