Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little Louis...

Phew, I'm back! What a very full on last few days but it was great. Now onto the packing..... urgh....

So what's inspiring me to start my packing? Louis Vuitton of course. We know I am a very big fan of a bit of Louis and I love nothing more to see some LV in a house. Now I do need to state that the beautiful pieces created by Louis Vuitton are not designed for "coffee tables" etc, they are actual, useable trunks and should be continued to be used as such where possible.

However I also classify all Louis Vuitton products as works of art, the craftsmanship and detailing is beyond exceptional. 

Kanye loves his Vuitton pieces, above a Monogram trunk and below a stack of Damier Azur Hard Luggage

One day, I will have a LV trunk in my house (or maybe a few) !
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  1. I love LV trunks, but even the old crappy falling apart ones are getting so expensive! I have a blogger friend in Copenhagen who was lucky to be invited to the LV factory/home in Asnieres. Wow.
    Wouldn't it be nice to discover one at the back of a junk store and take it home?
    Have you seen the new LV book about luggage? It's on my wishlist :)

  2. I love idea of the trunk as a night stand. I may have to join you in a hunt for the perfect LV vintage trunk!

  3. Oh yes love a bit of LV...divine! :))
    Hope you're having a great day Sarah

  4. To be completely honest, I have never been a huge fan of LV, BUT...these trunks and home decor touches are simply fabulous!!! I do love them...great taste. I stumbled across your blog and am happy to have!

  5. So good! I LOVE that last fluorescent light over the bed!!

  6. WOW love all of those LV trunks! day.....maybe....

    Goodluck with the move babes- super excited for you.

    XX Samantha

  7. Luis Vitton as a room decor. That's luxuriuos! I like the vintage looking ones. I would love having trunks as a decoration. I have a few small ones that look like old lunch boxes made of wood.


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