Monday, March 28, 2011

Dining Inspiration

So what does a new home mean.... lots of new inspiration. It's a chance to shake things up a little and try some new pieces of furniture or colours or anything you like.

I'm starting with my dining room. Yes, I actually have a seperate dedicated space for dining! I know, it seems normal to most people but this is a first for me! But at the same time I think this means I will have to cook! And have people over to eat it! Oh dear help them!! Actually I'm concerned if they like the space more than the food!!

So yesterday I headed to Ikea for some last minute purchases as there's no Ikea in Cairns :(

I bought this :

To go with these :

All because of these inspirational spaces :

I would like there to be a touch a glam with a bit of monochrome mod.

And for the pop of colour I'm going Kelly Green, maybe in a print or some cushions....


images via 6th st design school, one hour


  1. Oh Sarah, so lovely, that first pic is just to die for!Can't wait to see more xx have fun

  2. Lovely - very modern. Enjoy it all ....

  3. I love it! I've had my eye on that rug too and kelly green is stunning with this combo! Go for it!

  4. I do love that Ikea rug! Can't wait to see it in situ in your dining area. I love kelly green paired with black and white too. This is my first visit to your blog and I love! Can't wait to see more pics of your home x Naomi

    Love to you stop by my blog sometime:

  5. Fun ideas! I've been eyeing that rug as well. The IKEA by me doesn't carry it so I'd have to order it online. Just curious about the texture. Is it really scratchy like some of the others they carry?

  6. black and white are my favorite. so inspiring!!! great post :)

  7. LOving your inspiration images and all of your choices! Please post this room when its it turns out beautiful!

  8. Twins! I have always wanted that rug! hands down the best black and white rug out- cant wait to see it XX Samie

  9. Found your blog via "decor is like butter" I just did a post on black and white stripes! Check me out...congrats on your award!

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