Monday, July 18, 2011

I don't know where to start! I'm back in full force after being absent and popping in here and there. As we know I moved to Cairns and haven't been able to have internet connection since arriving! Why? I do not know why, it's crazy but I am determined to have access in whatever way possible as I have missed blogging so much. At a time when your life is going through so many changes particularly emotionally and mentally, I realised what blogging actually does for my soul, deep I know but it's true.

Forgive me if I post about things that are "old news" but I have missed out on so much. So today I will be visiting most of you and catching up on your blog happenings and reconnecting a bit.

Talk to you all soon xxx

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  1. Oh how frustrating for you! How about one of those telstra mobile stick thingies? They work quite well. I hope you get it sorted out and I look forward to hearing your news :)


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