Monday, July 18, 2011

Where I'd Like To Stay ... Hamptons

One thing I have been doing over the last month is starting to plan a USA trip. Granted we will be going next year but it hasn't stopped me from looking at hotels, because let's agree in our world the right hotel makes or breaks our trips right?

One stop we are thinking of is perhaps The Hamptons. As New York is the prime reason for the trip, I've always wanted to take a side trip to visit the Hamptons, just because! But I was surprised when I started looking at accomodation in the Hamptons, there aren't very many nice places on offer. 

I did come across this one place which I think looks nice. Simple and clean design, the Capri.

The style is St Tropez pool party, setting is Southhampton summer colony.

Have you been to the Hamptons or seen any good places to stay?

images via mrandmrssmith


  1. Ohh you lucky lucky lady!

    I have spent a bit of time in the Hamptons in my days (back when I only lived an 8 hour drive away)... and I would definitely say: GO! It is stunning and wonderful and all you would expect! One of my favourite places on earth... It has a similar "je ne sais quoi" vibe as Byron Bay... but much more posh!

    I won't be a big help on the accommodation side, since I primarily used to go camping in East Hampton but I have heard of this place and it does look fab! I'd say, if it is affordable, go for it! (because not many places are in that corner of the world). Oh and book well in advance, summer vacays are a little crazy there!

    South Hampton is stunning although my personal faves are East Hampton and Montauk. Rent a car from NYC and make the 2 hour drive down there (but not on a Friday afternoon). It's beautiful, each village is about 20 minute drive from each other max, there are wineries, art galleries, farmer's markets and gorgeous beaches - on weekends, there are a lot of gigs around and bond fires on the beach! It's so much fun!

    Also, recently read about a Montauk vacation on Luster (below)... maybe it will help?

  2. It looks stunning! I'd love to go to new york. One day. This accomodation looks beautiful!

  3. The best places to stay in the Hamptons are Sunset Beach on Shelter Island and Surf Lodge in Montauk. Both are close to the beach and have great evening crowds. Alternately Masion Blanche just opened this summer on Shelter Island and is very beautiful. The are hands down the hottest summer spots.


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