Thursday, November 24, 2011

So many chair options!

Some more inrpiration today, this time chairs! 
Choosing and occasional chair is a difficult decision but also one of the most fun. 
What are you getting it for? Just extra seating? 
A statement piece in a room? 
A design feature? 
A really comfy chair to curl up in an read a book {or blog from}?

Nice, simple clean lines you won't ever go wrong here
Oooh velvet, blue, buttoned.... nice
More velvet and in grey with lovely piping

Great, great leather chair
A different design option in leather
Classic Barcelona

Good old brown leather club chair

An updated cane chair - looks great with the Louis trunk

Well I hope that provided some inpsiration for you!

ps. have a great time in Paris Chez xx

images via ariannabelle, brynalexandra, decorpad, emmasdesignblog, everythingfabulous, goldandgray, interiorsporn, downandoutchic


  1. I'll take the blue buttoned velvet! That's a chair that invites you to drape yourself over it, possibly wearing a fabulous gown...

  2. Sarah these chairs are to die for...the leather one on the cowhide under the staircase is my favourite xo

  3. They are all gorgeous but I can't get enough of velvet! Mimi xx


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