Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome Home ...

There are so many important spaces in the home but you would have to put the entrance to your home right up there right? 

For some reason I am fascinated by entrances to homes, whether they are big and grand or like these smaller entrances with a bit of personality.

I would love to see what the rest of these homes look like, don't you?

images via beautifulsoup, becauseitsawesome, houseandhome, interiorsporn, thisisglamorous


  1. Love beautiful entrances, I am like you does not matter whether they are big or small just interesting. Have a lovely day! Mimi xx

  2. The last one is my favourite but I would have piles of Vogue magazines, art & fashion books with pink roses sitting on the top!

  3. They are all the first one with the exposed brick ; ) x


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