Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hermes Apartment

Luxury fashion house Hermes has injected it's beautiful style into the first Hermes apartment.
Located in the Marq on Paterson Hill Singapore, this 6,200 square feet apartment 
takes luxury living to a new level. 

And by this I mean a true understated elegance. 

It has been designed with a careful combination of Hermes furniture, furnishing fabrics, 
wallpapers, carpets, tableware, made-to-order leather upholstered items 
and a choice of artworks.








I  might be very cliche of me but I do just want to see one, at least one 
Hermes rug neatly folded over a chair or bed.

Unfortunately the apartment isn't open to the public, 
it has been designed to host exclusive engagements.

images via oyster


  1. The Blue, I love the blue.....

  2. What a grand space! I too was looking out to see the iconic H blanket somewhere at least!

  3. WOW, i live these post, so beautiful home God !


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