Sunday, August 5, 2012

Workspace Inspiration

We all love decorating and styling our workspaces at home, whether you work from home,
use the space to blog or pay the bills or to just look pretty !

I need some major inspiration for my actual workspace at ... work! 

I don't work in a corporate environment but my office is the 
basic grey laminate desk with the black office chair. 
But I work in fashion and whilst I don't sit at my desk all day, it does get a fair bit of use. 

I'm also finding my workload is getting really big, 
there is just so much to remember and in a variety of different areas. 

So I am in need of some serious inspiration so I can rearrange everything 
and be motivated to keep on top of my work load.

Jenna Lyons - President and Creative Director of J Crew
  I would love to get a faux fur throw to put over my chair but it's not practical for my environment but I think I will hunt for a colour little cushion at least to pop on my chair.

Marissa Webb as the Head of Womenswear and Apparel Deisgn for J Crew
  Marissa's desk is really cluttered which will not work for me at all but I am inspired by her 
moodboard and pops of colour here and there.

Back of House office of the Jenni Kayne store
I would love to bring some Louis Ghost chairs into the office but I'm not sure if I can.
Love the all white folders, I've done this before but I think this time I might even go grey or black.

Taylor Tomassi-Hill - Style and Accessories Director of US Marie Claire
She has a bit going on here but they're all relevant. Some great little bits and pieces to make it 
her own which I really like (oh and I'd love to have a Mac at work!)

Allison Cooke - Director of Marketing at CS Magazine
 Verging on a boring corporate look but Allison has also made this her own and it's so neat and tidy.

The one thing that most of these in action desks have is flowers. 
I need to get some flowers for my desk each week, just a little bunch to bring some life 
and colour into my office!

images via thecoveteur and theeverygirl


  1. All lovely all very inspirational, all very feminine, love them x

  2. Maybe a Mademoiselle Chair to add some awesome colour personality. Great post.

    1. Thanks!
      And the chair is a good idea, thanks for the suggestion x

  3. You sound like you have such an interesting job. I'd love to hear more about it.

    1. Mmm some days it's interesting, some not so much. I would love to share a lot more about it but I think I'd rather not mention the company and they'd probably also like a bit of discretion too :/
      I'll post a little bit more in the near future xx

  4. Your office is a true beauty! One can simply create a great work area at home or in a serviced office space! :)


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