Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ikea Top 10

We all love of Ikea don't we? 
Well I do and I continue to be impressed with their pieces. 

Here's my top 10 picks from Ikea at the moment ...

1. Ikea PS Easy Chair in Blue $199 - perfect for outdoors

2. Hemnes Console Table $349

3. Ikea PS Stool $49

4. Knodd Bin with lid $24.99 - so many storage uses for this

5. Stenklover Quilt set $49 - I have this and love it

6. Ikea PS Vago Easy Chair $49 - so getting 2 of these for my balcony

7. Henny Cushion $8 - now that's a serious price!

8. Lapplijung Ruta cushion $12

9. Ikea PS Cabinet on castors $79 - another great storage option for many rooms

10. Ikea PS Bamboo Dining Table $199

A few pieces here and there in your home can look really good, maybe just don't Ikea it all !!


  1. I love the bamboo dining table! And everything else looks good too, I think I am due for a trip to ikea ;)

  2. love it~ can I ask where did you get the storage boxes for the console table ?

    Brissie Suz


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