Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Fashionable Wednesday - Halston


I don't know whether it's the fact I'm laid up today with a sprained ankle
that I watched The Love Boat (Yep, I did) that I have become inspired!

I adore Halston and dream of having a Haltson - preferably vintage dress in my wardrobe. 
Such beautiful styles that look so glamorous, long yet comfortable and even somewhat forgiving!

Lauren Hutton in Halston 1975
Halston with Bianca Jagger
Classic red one shoulder Halston dress on Bianca
Jerry Hall
I want this dress today, so timeless
Halston sitting Anjelica Huston - one of his Halstonettes
Modern day Halston 2008
Halston 2008 - I want!
Rachel Zoe - became creative consultant for Halston in 2008
Nicole Richie

Sarah Jessica Parker well known for wearing Halston in Sex and the City

SJP became President and Chief Creative Officer of Halston in 2010
Halston with his best selling fragrance - Halston

Sadly Roy Halston passed away in 1990 and the brand has just not been the same since.
However maybe that's how it was suppose to stay.
Somethings are just not meant to grow and be reinvented and that,
 in my opinion is Halston.

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